Speech, Language and Communication Resources

The resources offered here focus on language development and communication skills and so are designed for use with ALL children, not just those who may have speech, language and communication needs.

Speech and Language Link resources:

Under the ‘ACTIVITIES’ tab you will find speech activity ideas, interactive games for sounds in words, and finally language activities banded by age. There are also some ‘TOP TIPS VIDEOS’ to guide parents and carers with simple strategies recommended by Speech and Language Therapists.

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The Communication Trust:

A wealth of information supporting the early development of communication and talking. Under the ‘Resources’ tab you will find a range of resources for parents. For example, under the ‘Listen Up’ section you will find comprehensive packs of resources and ideas to encourage listening, understanding, interaction and play (one pack for 0-5 year olds and another for children aged 5-11).

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Singing Hands UK – You Tube

The Singing Hands You Tube channel offers nursery rhymes, stories, games and pop songs all signed using Makaton.

> Singing Hands UK – YouTube


Developed by two Speech and Language Therapists with over 15 years experience, this website offers information, resources and advice for helping children with speech and language difficulties.

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