Erasmus ‘ Live and Share’

At St Peter’s, we are proud of our international links with schools in other countries. This is reflected in our involvement in ‘Live and Share,’ a project funded by the Erasmus exchange programme and aimed at promoting cultural awareness and understanding amongst young people. The project involved St Peter’s and schools from Belgium, France and Germany.

The project began in 2018 as the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I approached. This provided an opportunity to learn about key events from the past and, at the same time, reflect on what the future should look like as our pupils grow up. The Live and Share project brought different schools from countries involved in World War I together to share ideas and teaching and to promote ideas around stability, co-operation and connections, and equal opportunities for all. Four exchange visits to the countries involved formed the framework for the project, and more information about each of these can be found here: Visit to Belgium; Visit to France; Visit to The U.K.; Visit to Germany; Project Outcomes.

The visits allowed our pupils to experience new places, cultures, languages and schools and to make friends from different countries. A further aim of the project was to bring the idea of restorative practices into schools. By promoting honesty, responsibility and discussion towards finding solutions to problems we can work towards a fairer and more just community. During the project staff have participated in training around restorative practices and are now working to embed the ideas learned from our colleagues in other countries into our own teaching and school systems.

We are pleased to share the outcomes of Live and Share with our school and wider community. We had hoped to do so by way of an exhibition held in the school showing the events and outcomes of the project. Unfortunately as the project draws to a close this is made impossible by the need to maintain social distancing. Instead, we hope you enjoy learning about the project and how it has made an impact on our school through these website pages.