Whole School Topic – The Tudors

Whilst in Lockdown we as a whole school are looking at Tudors. We would like the children to explore the topic at home and use the guidelines set out in the ‘Tudors work for all’ document below for each Key Stage. Feel free to complete other Key Stage activities as well as your own. Each activity is numbered with resources to help.  New activities will be added weekly!

Tudors work for all (UPDATED)

EYFS/Key Stage One

Who Was Henry VIII

1) Draw a picture of a King or Queen

2) What is a King

3) Rules Worksheet

4) Jester Worksheet

5) Poster

6) Henry viii and his six wives 6) Portrait Worksheet

7) Design a crown

8) Tudor Clothes 8) Tudor Clothes

9) Castle Designs 9) Castle Designs  

Lower Key Stage Two

10) Punishments

11) Henry and his Six Wives 11) Newspaper Worksheet

12) Tudor Family Tree

13) Arranged Marriages 13) School Uniform Worksheet

14) Design a shield 14) Tudor Shields

15) Banquet Design 15) Tudor Banquet

Upper Key Stage Two

16) Biography Worksheet 16) Henry 8th wives

17) Diary Worksheet

18) Tudors Timeline

19) Debate Worksheet

20) Design your own Maze

21) Design a Tudor House 21) Tudor houses 


Links to useful websites

Information about the Tudors at Leeds Castle – https://www.leeds-castle.com/Visit/History/Tudor+Palace/

Podcast about Henry Vlll https://www.leeds-castle.com/NEWS/History+Highlights+Podcasts/Episode+4:+1520+-+Henry+VIII+at+Leeds+Castle+en+route+to+the+Field+of+Cloth+of+Gold

Horrible Histories – https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/watch/horrible-histories-songs-tudor-queens-song