Remote Learning Year 2

Please find work set by Miss Cavender for Term 5.  Work will continue to be emailed out to parents regularly.



Activity suggestions

Lesson 1 Slides  Lesson 1 Flowering Plant Observation  Lesson 1 Tree Observation

Lesson 2 Plant Growth Prediction  Lesson 2 Plant Growth Test Results

Lesson 3 Slides  Lesson 3 Sunflower Life Cycle

Lesson 4 Slides

Lesson 5 Slides  Lesson 5 On the Farm sheet



WEEK 1    Year 2 Term 5 Week 1 Timetable


List of questions to use when reading with your child   Year 1 and 2 common exception word mat


Number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 ultimate challenge booklet   Times table booklet

WEEK 2    Year 2 Term 5 Week 2 Timetable


Advice from a Dentist Activity Card   Capitals and full stops sheet Tuesday writing   Conjunctions sheet Wednesday writing   Mystery of the Green Lady   Reading activity cards guidance   Spellings handwriting Tuesday   Spellings word search Tuesday   Term 5 week 2 spelling PPT   The Island of Serpents Victorian Toys Activity Card   What Plants Need to Grow Activity Card   Year 1 and 2 common exception word mat


Addition and subtraction 2 step problems Wednesday challenge   Addition and subtraction inverse PPT of methods Thursday   Addition and subtraction inverse worksheet Thursday   Addition and subtraction word problem challenge cards Wednesday   Addition and subtraction worksheet Monday and Tuesday   Counting on and back in 1s Tuesday mental warm up   Mosaic colouring sheets Thursday and Friday mental warm up   Target Maths counting in 2s Monday warm up   Times tables speed tests Friday


a-e Spelling Activity au Spelling Activity  aw Spelling Activity   ay Spelling Activity   ea Spelling Activity   e-e Spelling Activity   ew Spelling Activity   ey Spelling Activity   ie Spelling Activity  i-e Spelling Activity   ir Spelling Activity  oe Spelling Activity  o-e Spelling Activity   ou Spelling Activity   oy Spelling Activity   ph Spelling Activity   Phase 5 Phonics Activity Booklet   t-l-9187-split-digraphs-table-worksheet-_ver_1   t-l-9304-phase-5-tricky-words-activity-booklet-_ver_2   ue Spelling Activity u-e Spelling Activity wh Spelling Activity

WEEK 3    Year 2 Term 5 Week 3 timetable


 A Pirates Life For Me Reading activity card   Commas in a list booklet Tuesday writing   I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside reading activity card Seas and Oceans Reading text  Story planning template Thursday and Friday writing   Term 5 Week 3 spellings handwriting Tuesday SPAG  Term 5 Week 3 spellings PPT Monday SPAG   Term 5 Week 3 word search Tuesday SPAG  Year 1 and 2 common exception word mat


Adding 2 digit Numbers Crossing 10 Worksheet and Answers Thursday maths warm up   Adding money sheet Monday maths Coin recognition sheet Tuesday maths   Guide to solving word problems   How much money is in the jar Tuesday and Wednesday maths   Money word problems Thursday and Friday maths   Subtracting a 1 digit number practice pack Friday maths warm up   Times table worksheets mental warm ups Tuesday and Wednesday