Our School Ethos

The goal of everyone at Saint Peter’s Church of England Primary School is to provide our children with a wide and fully rounded education, which enables them to develop not only academically, but also socially, emotionally, morally and spiritually. We want our children to leave us as confident, well rounded and happy individuals, who not only feel valued, but who also value both themselves and others.

Our Vision for Education

The education we provide to our children, is one which will allow them to become the adults we aspire for them to be.

It is imperative that our children receive a robust academic education, which will allow them to succeed in their chosen fields. However, it is equally important that their education also develops in them the values and character traits which will allow them to succeed as people.

We want to so educate our children that they are able to flourish both whilst at our school and in the years to come. We want to provide them with an education which will prepare them for their future. Jesus said; ‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’ John 10:10. We want to educate our children that they may enjoy life in all its fullness.

Our School Values

We have identified six core values which we will promote in order to develop the character of conscience of our children. These values, which are Hope, Respect, Faith, Love, Forgiveness and Perseverance, are not only discussed during lessons in class, but also form the basis for some of our daily acts of worship. In addition, we may discuss these values when addressing instances of poor behaviour or when praising good behaviour. We aim to reinforce and promote these core values during the course of our teaching at St Peter’s.

The Church of England has produced a Vision for Education and within it, have identified four strands which they feel should be promoted during the course of a child’s education. These are Community, Dignity, Hope and Wisdom. This academic year, we are particularly focussing on Community as we build our school community after a period of change.