SPSA Team Pic for website - updated Feb 20

Welcome to our SPSA team!

Like you, we want our children to make joyful memories during their school years. Events such as school discos, Easter egg hunts, Father Christmas visits, purchasing gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day and having fun at our Summer & Christmas Fetes wouldn’t happen without parental support, without YOU. St Peter’s may be a small school but it has big plans and without everything that goes on in the background, the securing of corporate fundraising and SPSA fundraising etc., the school wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is today, it wouldn’t be the school that we as parents want to send our children to.  

If you would like to lend us a hand and help out with fundraising, even if it’s just bagging up some sweets for the disco’s or doing a cash and carry run then please fill in the SPSA ‘Give an Hour’ slips which are available from the school office. We really do appreciate any help you can offer us. 

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