The full governing body meets six times every year (one meeting every-half term). In addition to this individual governors will take a role on one or more monitoring groups and visit the school in order to assess progress towards strategic goals, identified through the School Improvement Plan.

If you have any queries or concerns please speak to any member of the governing body or contact the Clerk via the school office, who can pass on any correspondence.  Copies of the Governing Body meeting minutes can also be obtained, upon request, from the Clerk to the governing body.


The Governing Body will support our school in providing a happy, safe and inspiring environment that reflects our Christian values, allowing the children to develop spiritually, morally, intellectually,
imaginatively and physically whilst instilling kindness, thoughtfulness and strong sense of self-belief.

Strategy Statement

We will enable our vision over the next 3 years by;

  • Providing best possible standard of education by monitoring, supporting and reflecting on our curriculum, teaching and learning
  • Ensuring our school is financially sound, utilising available funds, in the most efficient and effective way for the benefit of the school
  • Ensuring the highest standards of compliance and assessment through reviews and monitoring
  • Ensuring policy and procedures are compliant, school-specific, updated and communicated throughout our school community
  • Creating a safe and nurturing environment for our children encouraging them to reach their full potential
  • Embracing into the day to day life of our school the Church of England’s ‘deeply Christian’ vision
  • Recognising, supporting and rewarding our school teaching community
  • Engaging and continuing to build upon relationships with our wider school and diocesan community, ensuring all stakeholder have the opportunity to contribute
  • Encouraging and supporting our extra-curricular school activities

The Governing Body consists of:

  • 3 Parent Governors
  • 1 Authority Governor
  • 4 Co-opted Governors
  • 3 Foundation Governors

Members of the Governing Body:

Name Governor status Term of office Responsibilities Business interests
Mrs Anna Hrusc Parent Governor 08/03/16 – 07/03/20 3 (Chair), 7 Sister of S Kubitschek
Mrs Helen Tynan (Chair) Parent Governor 08/03/16 – 07/03/20 1, 2 (Chair), 4, 5, 9 None declared
Ms Lynn Keeley Authority Governor 03/11/17 – 02/11/21 2 , 6 (Chair) None declared
Mrs Emma Hutchings Staff Governor 21/09/17 – 20/09/21 7 None declared
Mr Jim Holditch Headteacher 04/09/17 – 1 None declared
Mrs Sarah Kubitschek (Vice-Chair) Co-opted Governor 23/01/17 – 22/01/21 6, 7 (Chair) Sister of A Hrusc
Mrs Cheryl Lincoln Co-opted Governor 21/11/16 – 20/11/20 1, 3, 6, 7 (Training) None declared
Vacancy Co-opted Governor  
Mr Steven Mills Parent Governor 20/03/18 – 19/03/22 None declared
Mrs Jane Roberts Foundation Governor 02/05/17 – 01/05/21 1, 4, 5, 8 Member of Staff as of 30/10/17
Vacancy Foundation Governor  
Vacancy Foundation Governor
Vacancy Co-opted Governor
Vacancy Clerk to Governors
Previous Governors:  
Reverend Jonathan Hall Foundation Governor
01/09/16 – 24/07/18 5 (Chair), 8, 9 Governor at St Marks, Eccles
Mrs Debbie Etherington Co-opted Governor 09/10/17 – 28/08/18 1 (Chair), 2, 3, 4 (Chair), 8 (Chair), 9 (Chair) Runs own transport business
Mrs Sarah Atkinson Clerk to Governors 26/09/07 – 03/09/18 Member of Staff
Mr Andrew Shemilt Parent Governor 22/09/16 – 29/01/18 Married to Year 5 teacher
Mrs Nicola Craig Headteacher 01/01/15 – 31/08/17  – None declared
Mr Mitch Holt Staff Governor 27/04/16 – 31/08/17  – None declared
Mrs Claire Bubb Foundation Governor 14/05/15 – 31/01/17 None declared 
Mr Phil Marsh Co-opted Governor 16/03/15 – 23/01/17 None declared 

Key to responsibilities

  1. Strategy Group
  2. Curriculum, Learning, Teaching
  3. Finance
  4. Inclusion (SEN)
  5. Religious Education
  6. Facilities (Health & Safety, Site)
  7. Leadership & Management
  8. Safeguarding
  9. Headteacher Appraisal

Attendance Register 2016.2017