Over the course of 2017-18, we took the time to review our curriculum. We wanted to be sure that we had a consistent approach across those subjects which required it and that the curriculum itself was broad, provided for a rich learning experience for our children, and that it was clearly set out to allow a progression of skills and knowledge as our children proceeded through the school.

We have amended some aspects of our curriculum for the current academic year and over the course of 2018-19, we will continue to review the success of the changes we have made and we will, no doubt, amend our curriculum further in the coming years in order to ensure that it provides our children with the broadest education possible and develops the skills which they will need in order to succeed as adults.

Parents obviously like to know what their children are studying at school. We appreciate that some children can be less than forthcoming about what they have done when asked at the end of the day! We also know that a great many parents wish to play a full part in supporting their children’s learning at home. Hence we have tried to supply you with quite a comprehensive amount of information about much of the curriculum we have at St Peter’s. We hope that parents will find this information informative and that it will allow you to support your child’s learning in whatever way you see fit.

Our skills progression maps (i.e. what you can expect your child to learn over the course of an academic year) are linked below. These outline the different skills which we aim to develop in our children in each of the curriculum subjects. The skills develop and build on each other as the children progress through school. These skills progressions are the building blocks if you will for the teachers’ planning. Our lessons will cover and develop these skills as the year progresses.

We have also provided you with the Long Term Plans for each Year group. These provide you with an overview of the topics the children are studying. Alongside them are our Medium Term Plans. These provide more detail about what we are studying.

We haven’t provided you with any English plans. This is because we introduced a new scheme of work in September 2018. This is called the Power of Reading. At the end of each term, we are reviewing its effectiveness and the teachers are amending their plans according to what has worked well and what needs to be developed further. We are also reviewing whether we are ‘over planning’ our activities or whether we are able to cover everything we had hoped. Once we have reviewed and amended the plans, they will be uploaded to the website retrospectively.

The Medium and Long Term Plans should provide you with sufficient information if you wish to support your child’s learning with trips to relevant museums, or by studying certain books. If you access the Home Learning tab on this page of the website, you will find our homework policy. This sets out in some detail how parents can best support their child’s learning at home.

In the first few years of a child’s education at primary school, we focus on developing their knowledge of phonics. Having a sound grasp of phonics is of fundamental importance to the success of a child’s subsequent education. We appreciate that whilst parents may wish to help with this at home, it can be difficult for them if they are unsure of the exact sounds which are being taught. To remedy this, parents can use the Infant Literacy tab on this web page to access an online demonstration of the phoneme sounds which we teach to your children.

As a Church of England school, RE forms an important part of our curriculum and as a Voluntary Controlled school we follow the Kent Locally Agreed Syllabus for R.E, supported by the Understanding Christianity resources which develop and reinforce the Church of England’s vision for education. We partake in a daily act of worship as a whole school 4 times per week, using St Peter’s and St Paul’s Church as often as possible. Our core Christian values of Hope, Respect, Faith, Love, Forgiveness and Perseverance underpin the whole curriculum, helping to embed a love of learning and a desire to succeed across the school.  

I hope that you find this information useful and that it provides you with sufficient detail about what your child is studying at St Peter’s.

Jim Holditch


1. Maths_Number & Place Value with Reasoning_Progression
2. Maths_Addition & Subtraction with Reasoning_Progression
3. Maths_Multiplication & Division with Reasoning_Progression
4. Maths_Fractions with Reasoning_Progression
5. Maths_Ratio & Proportion with Reasoning_Progression
6. Maths_Algebra with Reasoning_Progression
7. Maths_Measurement with Reasoning_Progression
8. Maths_Geometry Properties of Shapes with Reasoning_Progression
9. Maths_Geometry Position Direction and Movement with Reasoning_Progression
10. Maths_Statistics with Reasoning_Progression
11. Art & Design_Progression
12. Geography_ Progression
13. History_Progression
14. Music_Progression
15. Reading Skills_Progression
16. Science Skills_Progression
17. Speaking and Listening Skills_Progression
18. Writing Skills_Progression
19. Computing_Progression
20. Early Years Skills_Progression
21. Physical Education