Science key

At St Peter’s our aim is to:

  • Inspire our children with ‘’hands on’’ investigative science lessons
  • Encourage children’s enquiring minds to unlock the secrets of the world around us by providing well-resourced experiments
  • Provide opportunities for children to learn outside the classroom and develop their scientific knowledge further
  • Stretch and extend children’s scientific knowledge, vocabulary and enquiry skills


This is what some of our children said about Science at St Peter’s

”My favourite science lesson was when we did secret drawings using wax candles and water paints. Te wax is waterproof so the paint didn’t stick to it.” Erin Year 2

”I love learning about materials. The experiment I enjoyed the most was to find out which materials are absorbent. It was fun. Did you know that a rebber is not absorbent?” Max Year 2

“I like science in our school because when we learnt about the earth we made erupting volcanoes. I also liked it when Miss Hendricks brought a delicious cake with all the layers of the Earth.’’  Megan Year 4

“What I love about Science in St Peter’s is that we do all types of experiments from paper helicopters to erupting volcanoes. My favourite so far was making a balloon powered cars.’’  Jack Year 5

“I love science in this school because we do all kinds of experiments and learn new things. For example- we had fun Science club after school and in one of the sessions we made slime that was liquid and solid at the same time.’’  Aiesha Year 5

“I love animals, my favourite animals are zebras, giraffes and flamingos- they live in the zoo. Giraffes like to eat leaves from tall trees – that’s because they have tall necks and legs.”  Amariah Reception

“In Science we can make things go pop and explode. We mix lots of different things together to make one big thing. When it was cold we filled buckets up with water and when we came back to school it was ice – they froze”  Imogen Reception