Religious Education

Here at St Peter’s we follow the Rochester Diocese Guidance for Religious Education and our teachers interpret the Scheme of Work for each year group and use them appropriately for their class.

Our latest SIAMS report can be read by clicking the following link:

St Peter’s SIAMS report Nov 2014

Here are some of the scheme of works that we have used:

Foundation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
 Introduction  Unit 1  Unit 1  Unit 2A1  Unit 1  Unit 1 Unit 1
 Unit 1  Unit 2  Unit 2A  Unit 2B  Unit 2A  Unit 2A  Unit 2A
 Unit 2  Unit 2B  Unit 2B  Unit 3  Unit 2B  Unit 2B  Unit 2B
 Unit 3  Unit 3  Unit 3  Unit 4  Unit 3  Unit 3  Unit 3
 Unit 4  Unit 4  Unit 4  Unit 5  Unit 4A1  Unit 4  Unit 4
 Unit 5  Unit 5  Unit 5  Unit 6  Unit 4B  Unit 5  Unit 5
Unit 6 Unit 6 Unit 6  Unit 5  Unit 6  Unit 6
Unit 6

Our RE Co-Ordinator works closely with our Foundation Governors and has set out our long term plan for RE lessons.

Long term plan for all classes

The Christian values voted as having the most meaning for our school are:

‘Love’, ‘Respect’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Friendship’