After School Clubs

Below is a list of clubs running in Terms 3 and 4 (unless stated) beginning Monday 13th January. 

Day Club Year Group Max No.
Monday Film Club All 25
Monday (Term 3 only) Boot Camp KS2 20
Monday (Term 4 only) Tag Rugby KS2 20
Monday Play Club KS1 15
Tuesday Board Game Club All 20
Tuesday Hand Ball KS2 20
Tuesday (Term 4 only) Tag Rugby KS1 20
Wednesday Bootcamp Y1 & 2 20
Wednesday Eco Club All 10
Wednesday Kwick Cricket KS2 20

French Club with Maryline will continue this term.

If your child wishes to sign up for a school club we will expect them to attend all of the sessions and a register will be kept by the teacher.  If your child is unable to attend a club please either let the teacher or the office know.  Should a club need to be cancelled you will be notified by text message.