St. Peter’s is a small, delightful, village primary school with GOOD Ofsted (January 2015) and SIAMs (October 2014) ratings. In an age when schools are increasing in size and becoming more business focussed, St Peter’s remains a very traditional primary school. Our Published Admission Number (PAN) is just 24, and consequently our classes are far smaller than is the norm. We have no mixed age group classes – each year group remains as a separate class. With a total of no more than 170 pupils, we are a small family, where everyone knows everyone else and we can focus on the individual needs of the pupil.

Our curriculum and values are underpinned by a strong Christian ethos and we enjoy strong links with St. Peter & St. Paul’s church, which adjoins the school site. Our village setting and small size enable us to provide a unique, nurturing environment. We take pride in our caring and supportive attitude to everyone at the school and aim to provide a warm, inclusive and stimulating atmosphere in which the talents of each individual can flourish.

We have our own onsite nursery which assists smooth transitions through the early years and also provides wrap around care (7:30am to 6pm) to children of both the nursery and school. If your child doesn’t already come to St. Peter’s, we would be proud to show you round our wonderful school.

If your child starts school in September 2019 and you wish to visit St Peter’s, to see if you would like your child to join us, please visit our admissions page, which you can find under the information tab. The page has full details of the admissions process and the dates of our Open Evening and tours of the school.

 Jim Holditch – Headteacher


Our School Prayer

Dear Lord,

Loving God, you call us all to be like St Peter and to follow you with our whole hearts: help us to do that, and bless our school, that we may be an exciting, caring and joyful community. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.